Tech and Teachers

Newbies Binder Guide to Kinderchat
ISTE Standards for Teachers NETS
Kindergarten ISTE Blog post on integration
Technology Integration Matrix
The Modern Pen: twitter in the Classroom
A Blueprint for Teaching Young Children in the Digital Age
Tech Tools for Teaching Wiki
A Critique of Technocentrism in Thinking About The School of the Future Papert paper

Teacher Organization Tools
Cybraryman1 Evernote Page
Tech Tools Smackdown
note taking ipad app from @dwarlick
note taking laptop from @dwarlick
Prezi Manual
screencast-o-matic: make videos
World Time Buddy <---this is really a great little buddy
Flipped Classroom Livebinder Land
Free video file convertors
Online file convertors
EdCamp Boston Smackdown
How to Archive Twitter Searches
Sign Up Genius
Google Apps Summit (New England)
Go TO Guide for Google Calendar
Be a Gmail Master
30 Tech Tools in 30 min by David Wees


Gimp 2.8 shared by @jmugan
Typelight shared by @jmugan

Smartboard/ Interactive White Board

Mrs Sears Smartboard Resources shared by @happycampergirl
TES iBoard shared by @bookgirlkpr
Smart Exchange
Motherlode of Smartboard resources

QR Codes
QR Codes in Education shared by @Matt_Gomez
Technology Teacher shared by @Mr_Fines
Nuts n'Bolts of QRCodes
Giant QR Codes in the Classroom shared by @primarypete_


Sara Getting's delicious bookmarks
Primary Pete in the UK
Podcasting legal guide shared by @Mr_Fines
Giant tech wiki
LiveBinders wiki
Web Tools 4U2 Use wiki
10 Technologies Every Teacher Should Know a handy list from @Mr_Fines
EdTechTeacher Ning
Using Google Forms to Write Choose Your Own Adventure stories
Google Doc Directory of every TED talk presented
Takeout: Get your data from Google
OnTheAir: Broadcasting Channel
EdCampBoston 2012
youtube tools to know
How To Add Text to a PDF Document shared by @PreKPages
Kinderchat Symbaloo Collection created by @Matt_Gomez
The Touchscreen Generation- great article on ece and tech


Tweeting in Kindergarten by @happycampergirl
Amy on TV
K Around the World
Twitter in the Classroom by Ana Dominguez
@MauiMickey Prezi on Tweeting in the Classroom
Tweet Tweet Go the Kindergartners nytimes School Book
Twitter in the Classroom by @b_sheridan
twitter backup
5Qs w @Matt_Gomez about #Kinderchat
Good Newbie Guide to Twitter
Spreadsheet of chats

Search Engines

ref seek Academic Search engine
Sweet Search: student search engine
search engine directory
Do I just Google That? Search Engines in the Primary Grades

Around the World with 80 Schools Project
@MariaK Kindergarten classroom super skyper
Skype Want Ads
Skype for Educators experts list shared by @rdlln
List of Authors who Skype for Free

Ipads and Appland
IPads in Schools: Live Binders shared by @Mr_Fines
ipad app rec via @Matt Gomez
ipad app recs
55 Apps to Incorporate ipad into Classroom
More ipad ed app recs
Massive ipad blog from Crestview
Digital Kindergarten (blog post on app rec's) shared by @i_teach_K more apps from Sue Holt and here's more
ipad Livebinder shared by @Mr_Fines
Six ipad recs shared by @B_Sheridan Community effort to grade ipad apps
Music ipad
8 apps recommended by ISTE
How to Make an ipad Kid Friendly
apps that let you fail: gaming
TCEA Google Doc of ipad recs shared by @Matt_Gomez
TCEA Recs for ipad apps shared by @Matt_Gomez
@Matt_Gomez ipad app list
Motherlode of apps list sorted by price, type, etc
Nikki's apps- great recs here
More ipad app recs
More Bazillions of Apps: Searchable database by Tennessee Board of Regents
Just Another Ipad App Site: Norfolk Primary School Recs
iEAR Teacher recs for apps
107 ipad app recs K-8
Apps w Attitude
Impact of ipads on Science Faculty
A collection of 1,800 apps (sorted)

Online Tools, Games, Resources
Bernadette Rego's Resource Wiki
Kiddoki Kids Daily World News Site
Kid Pix
Multiple Website Database Great for the Smartboard too! The Story Box under "Games" allows even the youngest learners to create their own stories.
Kinderchat YouTube Channel: Videos Sorted by the Rainbow

Social Media/ Networks and Connections
School Policy Development shared by @djakes
Crowdsourced Social Media Policy for Students by edudemic
Developing School Social Media Guidelines: great article w excellent reference links by Edutopia
Mobil Apps for Kids: Current Privacy Disclosures are DisAPPointing pdf from Federal Trade Commission
Thirteen PBS Connected Schools Directory
Modern Map
edcampplano wiki by @Matt_Gomez n' crew
cybraryman's collaboration page
Kinderchat Play Project
Classroom 2.0 LIVE!
Connected Leadership Slideshare by Chris Weijr (slide of [[#|[[#|#edcampKinder]]]])
TodaysMeet: Backchannel for Conferences
Learning Communities shared by @hrheingold
Common Pitfalls and Challenges in Online Communties by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
Healthy Community (graphic) by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach 2009 @snbeach

Networks (from a course "Technologies of Cooperation" by Howard Rheingold
Amish cellphone sharing
From Occupation to Collaboration
Digital Learning: Confronting the Challenges
How to Design the Commons Elinor Ostrom
Technologies of Cooperation Howard Rheingold
Social Media Classroom Howard Rheingold
The Cloistered Hedgehog and the Dislocated Fox