Philosophies of Assessment

PDSA Model: Deming
Assessment in Reggio Emilia and the Q of scaling up
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Self Regulation

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Parent Teacher Conferences
What Parents Want to Ask

Social Justice and Cultural Sensitivity in the Classroom
QandA w Authors of Anti-Bias Education shared by @NAEYC
How To Build an Anti-Bias Library shared by @NAEYC
Anti-Bias Education via @NAEYC
Understanding Prejudice
Diversity and Complexity in the Classroom: Considerations of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
Facing History
Educators for Social Responsibility
ADL—A World of Difference
Becoming an Anti-Bias Teacher
Criteria from How To Tell The difference: A Guide for Evaluating Children’s Books for Anti-Bias
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Project Based Learning/ Portfolios
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Portfolio Assessment
PBL Rubric

Standardized Testing

Dr Timony EdPsychologist
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US Opt Out Wiki lists by State
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