Collegiality and Working Relationships

Leadership Groups: Distributed Leadership in Social Learning
Power Struggles by Holly Elissa Bruno via @NAEYC
Four Steps to Staying Sane as a Teacher
Dialogue prompts for resistance

Professional Development

@cybraryman1 Directory and Links
Constructing Modern Knowledge w @garystager
The Need for Teacher Communities: Linda Darling-Hammond
Teacher Research Articles from NAEYC
Virtual Mentoring: mention of Kinderchat in this chapter
Learning Communities shared by @hrheingold

Higher Education/Mentors/Academic Journals/ Articles

USNews Recs for Online Programs
Constance Kamii
ECRP: Early Childhood Research and Practice
The Association for Educational Finance and Policy: 37th Annual Conference Complete List of Papers and Posters
Enterprise Talk: A Handrail to Integrity and Authenticity
British Journal of EdTech
Academic or Intellectual
How Early Experiences Shape the Development of Executive Function: Harvard Working Paper #11 shared by Ellen Galinsky via OoeyGooeyLady

#ntchat: New Teacher Chat Wiki


Teacher Travel edutopia
Music: Bob Moog
NCTE: Elementary Grants shared by @toys_r_texts
Houghton Mifflin list by US state
NEA list
Digital Mobil App Grant from Motorola
Fund for Teachers
Mr_Fines Wonderopolis

Online Meeting Spaces

scheduling a meeting online: 10 apps
booking online venues
50 G+ Circles

Presentation References

twitter for teachers presentation
List of PLN @addresses by department category via @cybraryman1
What Audiences Love/Hate: Key Components of a Great Presentation
List of educational hashtags via @cybraryman1
Who To Follow on Twitter by subject spreadsheet
Global Early Tech Website: fantastic resource created by Maggie Powers
Hashtags List
Connecting Communities: Mardelle's Prezi

Presentation Tools

  • Powerpoint
  • Smartboard Notebook
  • Google Presentations
  • Scribd


Photo Slideshows/Video


Teachers Pay Teachers

see more in "Practice and Policy"
Fair use policy shared by @Mr_Fines
Paper: Assigning Students to "Good Match" teachers via @shankerblog
Collective Bargaining Effects on Teachers Salaries via @shankerblog
Tests Don't Measure Teachers shared by @bluskyz
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