Globaled Collection of National Early Childhood Policies and Practices

North America

US Common Core Standards

Alberta, Canada Kindergarten Program Statement
Primary Program Ministry of Education British Columbia
Full Day Kindergarten Guide Ministry of Education British Columbia Canada
BC Kindergarten Curriculum Package shared by @happycampergirl
Ontario Ministry of Education shared by @rajalingam
Ontario Full Day Kindergarten Program shared by @happycampergirl
Ontario: Kindergarten Gains w videos on self-regulation shared by @rajalingam
First People's In Our Own Words: Bringing Authentic First People's Content to the K-3 Classroom


Jamaica: Early Childhood Commission

Central and South America

Educacion Preescholar: Program from Costa Rica shared by @bellelli_edu
Guatemala Curriculum Nacional Base: Nivel de EducaciĆ³n Pre-primaria shared by @ClaudRu

Brazilian K Core shared by @llea_dias
City of Buenos Aires


The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia shared by @Jessica_Dubois
Phase One Australian National Curriculum


UK Early Years Foundations Assessments age 3-5 shared by @primarypete_
UK National Curriculums (under review, new to come out in few weeks)
UK Early Years Foundations Stage shared by @blamehound (updated)

Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework Ireland shared by @fboss

Primary Movement Programme from Ireland shared by @CatherineCorrie1

France: Names and Grade Ages shared by @MaternellePSnd
Sweden: Skolverket shared by @SuzanneAxelsson


UAE Nurseries Guidelines shared by @SamiaKazi
Republic of Indonesia Kindergarten (TK) Practices shared by @B_Sheridan
PDF in bahasa Indonesian: Indonesian Edu Policies @B_Sheridan



PYP Language Scope and Sequence document shared by @tashacowdy
PYP Math Scope and Sequence document shared by @tashacowdy


Early Childhood Advocacy Toolkit shared by @TeacherMeg
Technology and Young Children position paper from NAEYC and the Fred Rodgers Center
Developmentally Appropriate Practice position paper from @naeyc
Kindergarten cutoff dates by US state
US State Compulsory School Attendance Ages
Setting Higher Standards Not Equal to Improving Achievement US study by Brookings/Brown
Gendered Behavior Patterns in School Goverance
Five Common Myths on PreK Evidence
Investing in Kids: Early Childhood Programs and Local Economic Development
Early Learning Day of Action Blogroll compiled by @nwlc
Early Learning in Your State post on PreK plans


Effectiveness of Anti Poverty Programs in the US via @shankerblog
The Impact of Family Income on Child Achievement
Building A Foundation for Prosperity pdf from Stanford via @shankerblog
Talk: Prof Krashden on Standardized Testing, Poverty and Education
Money Matters: Effects of Income on Education
Joe Bower's diigo links
Why Low Income Kids Miss Out on Play
UNICEF: Poverty in Rich Nations
Education Gap Grows between Rich and Poor NYTimes article
Occupy Kindergarten: The Rich Poor Divide Starts in Kindergarten Atlantic article shared by @mathmurd
Poverty and Early Childhood Intervention Rutgers University
Early Childhood Education for All: A Wise Investment
Income and Educational Outcomes post by shankerblog


Four Major Merit Pay Studies
Merit Pay: Audio file
The Great Teacher Myth
Prepping Teachers to work w Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children shared by @beyondplaydoh
What ECE Teachers Need to Know: Developing Effective Programs for... shared by @beyondplaydoh
Bank Street: On the Accountability Movement
A Progressive Approach to the Education of Teachers Bank Street


Connected Principals
Responses to the NCTQ US News and World Report on Teacher Prep Programs


Student and School Performance
How Charters Cherry Pick
Small Class Size (from Early Years to High School Graduation) Research Paper
Small Class Size and Their Effects
Charter Schools Performance and Market Shares


Miss Noor's educational/social media infographics

State of PreSchool 2012: State Profiles by NIEER

All I Really Needed to Know About Creative Thinking I Learned in Kindergarten